Vodafone rethinking international strategy

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Fans ask Microsoft to make Surface Phone a reality

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Rethinking the worst case

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What are the benefits of international scope in wireless telecom? Advise Vodafone on its international strategy. The case explains the problems faced by Vodafone Group plc (Vodafone), a leading global mobile company in early It also discusses the position of Arun Sarin (Sarin), CEO Vodafone, after the announcement of 'impairment review' of the company's forecast in February There have been reports that the tech giant was rethinking its Surface Phone strategy.

Payments & Cards summit is the largest and most important conference and exhibition for the payments industry schedule on 22 August, at.

​Vodafone reveals new Qantas partnership

The case calls for an analysis of the potential benefits from international scope in wireless telecommunications and the development of strategy recommendations for Vodafone. This case offers an opportunity to how to analyze the costs and benefits of international.

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Vodafone rethinking international strategy
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