Schindler s list personal reflection

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My Nazi grandfather, Amon Goeth, would have shot me

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Steven Spielberg

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Reflections on Schindler and his list

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This is especially true for Fiennes violent, unflinching and perfect work as Nazi SS Officer Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List. In the introduction to this post, I made specific.

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end this reflection with the words, “Whenever I’m lost, I’ll go to a church” (69). The last rainy street story or reflection in this collection is titled “Sarajevo Tale.” This is a powerful story of a man’s journey from despair to hope for the future.

Mellow and melancholic, loving and tender melody with soft soprano saxophone, piano and harp. Delicate, touching, highly suitable for use in drama, personal reflection, story telling. Nov 10,  · Schindler’s List examines man’s capacity for good and his capacity for evil.

Discuss. In the film Schindler’s List, through the characters of Oskar Schindler, Itzhak Stern and the Amon Goeth, director Steven Spielberg examines man’s capacity for good and his capacity for evil.

Schindler s list personal reflection
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Schindler's List (reflection), essay by MelodyAnn