Muscle glycogen resynthesis rate

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Using Carbohydrates For Post-Exercise Recovery

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Seem Sports Med Rep ;7 4: For every year of glycogen stored, you write anywhere from grams of water with it. T1 - High rates of muscle glycogen resynthesis after exhaustive exercise when carbohydrate is coingested with caffeine AU - Pedersen,David J.

AU - Lessard,Sarah J.

Is Oral Glutamine Supplementation Beneficial To Athletes?

It has frequently been demonstrated that resistance training has a negative effect on muscle glycogen content. Additionally, the rate of resynthesis seems to be dependent upon the degree of depletion.

Abstract. The rate of muscle glycogen synthesis during 2 and 4 h of recovery after depletion by exercise was studied using two energy equivalent carbohydrate drinks, one containing a polyglucoside with a mean molecular mass of – (C drink), and one containing monomers and oligomers of glucose with a mean molecular mass of approximately (G drink).

The rate limiting step in glycogen resynthesis appears to be activity of the enzymes involved in glycogen synthesis (1). Regardless of carbohydrate intake, there is a maximal amount of glycogen which can be synthesized in a given amount of time.

The rate of post-exercise muscle glycogen resynthesis depends on many factors, such as the quantity of muscle glycogen that was depleted, the amount of CHO ingested, the rate of gastric emptying and intestinal glucose uptake, and the insulin-stimulated muscle glucose uptake and subsequent conversion to glycogen.

high rates muscle glycogen resynthesis after

Jan 21,  · Figure 2: Glycogen concentrations and rates of glycogen resynthesis following 2 h of aerobic exercise (~ 70%VO2peak) after 4 h of recovery. a Mean (±SEM) muscle glycogen concentration at baseline, and +0 and + 4 h or recovery following the ingestion of carbohydrate (CHO); or isoenergetic drinks containing CHO and intact sodium caseinate (CHO–C); or CHO and hydrolysed sodium .

Muscle glycogen resynthesis rate
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Glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscle following resistive exercise