Igcse poems

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iGCSE Exam Poetry

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May 22,  · iGCSE Exam Poetry Specifically with the Edexcel International GCSE Specification in mind, below you’ll find the full collection of annotated poems for the anthology examined unit and supporting resources. I have created the basis for lessons on the poems from Songs of Ourselves Vol 2 that will be assessed in the IG exams.

For some of them I used resources found on TES (the lesson on The Kraken & the lesson on Ode to Melancholy & the lesson on London Snow), which I adapted for a lesson powerpoint presentation suitable for IGCSE literature.

A Study Guide for the New Edexcel IGCSE Anthology Poetry for the Literature Exam: A Line by Line Analysis of All the Poems with Exam Tips for Success.

Provides full support for students and teachers of the Cambridge IGCSE® Literature in English syllabus. This coursebook is a lively introduction to the study of literature in English at IGCSE level, encouraging both the enjoyment of literature and rigorous academic study.

Galle International College is an English speaking school in Galle, Southern Province, Sri Lanka, member of Cambridge Educational International Schools. GCSE Reforms – IGCSE Versus GCSE – Guess who Benefits? Posted on Friday, December 16th, It is essential that everyone becomes aware of the differences in expectation of the new GCSE examinations for English state school students in comparison with the IGCSE .

Igcse poems
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