General types of literature

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General types of literature

general types of literature. PROSE Consists of those written within the common flow of conversation in sentence and paragraphs. · NOVEL T his is long narrative divided into chapters. Categorizing Literature Back in ancient Greece, literature was divided into two main categories: tragedy and comedy.

Nowadays the list of possible types and genres of literature can seem endless. But it is still possible to narrow down the vast amount of literature available into a few basic groups. A Huge List of Common Themes.

What are the General Types of Literature?

Literature. Themes in literature are often varied and hidden. Sometimes you can get through an entire book and not realize what the author meant.

However, this is a good basic list that you can build from. Remember that some books have multiple themes. General Types of Literature Literature can generally be divided into two types; prose and poetry.

Prose consists of those written within the common flow of conversation in sentences and paragraphs, while poetry refers to those expressions in verse, with measure and.

Literature refers to writing considered to have artistic merit, and post-modern critics have disparaged the idea of objective realism in general. Psychology and literature These are a type of poem in which the written words are arranged in such a way to produce a visual image.

Quick Answer. Two types of literature are written and oral. Oral literature includes ballads, folklore, jokes and fables that are passed down by word of mouth. Written literature includes poetry and novels, with subsections for fiction, prose, myth, short story and novel.

General types of literature
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What are the general types of literature