Critical period hypthesis

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The Critical Period Hypothesis on Language Acquisition Studied Through Feral Children

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Critical period hypothesis

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Evidence for a Critical Period Effect in First Language Acquisition The critical period hypothesis, as advanced by Lenneberg (), holds that language acquisition must occur before the onset of puberty in order for language to develop fully. 74 AGE AND ACCENT IN A SECOND LANGUAGE of an age-based constraint on the acquisition of full native fluency in a second tongue, the term 'critical period' is taken here only to refer to this particular.

The critical period hypothesis says that there is a period of growth in which full native competence is possible when acquiring a language.

What Is the Critical Period Hypothesis?

This period is from early childhood to adolescence. The critical period hypothesis has implications for teachers and learning programmes, but it. If there is a critical period for second language acquisition, then logically there is also one for first language acquisition, and the answers to questions about language processing take a clear direction.

One must be prudent, therefore, in accepting the hypothesis for a critical period in second language acquisition. DISCUSSION This study was designed to answer certain empirical questions about critical period effects in second language learning, and thereby to clarify and refine theoretical proposals regarding a critical period for language acquisition more generally.

The critical period hypothesis is a theory that says that there is a critical age up until which one can acquire language. Passed that age, which is puberty, if one has not learned to talk in a certain language passed puberty then it will be way more difficult for that individual to acquire language and almost impossible to truly master it.

Critical period hypthesis
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