Causes and effects of international labour mobility

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Seminar: What Causes Gender Inequality?

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Unemployment types

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Mobility of Labour: Meaning, Importance and Factors Hampering It

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Studying Abroad and the Effect on International Labor Market Mobility: Evidence from the Introduction of Erasmus. Matthias Parey and Fabian Waldinger. CEE Discussion Papers from Centre for the Economics of Education, LSE.

Abstract: We investigate the e¤ect of studying abroad on international labor market mobility later in life for German university graduates. One effect of the forthcoming protocol on the free mobility of labour has thus been a growing number of irregular migrants, and subsequently, a rise in the number of migrants expelled.

We analyse how labour mobility across countries affects inflation dynamics and international business cycle comovements, and how it affects the design of optimal monetary policy. The analytical framework is a two country dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model with sticky prices.

This paper analyses the effects of both training and overeducation on upward mobility in the internal labour market, the professional market and the “supplementary labour market”. The latter segment can be considered as a broadly defined secondary labour market as it is not restricted to the low‐level unskilled jobs only.

This broader definition – also found in initial segmentation. the main cause of the problems facing the health systems of developing countries, even the benefits that arise from the international mobility of labour. These issues echo the international mobility, especially of skilled workers, is a long-standing feature, for both.

The Great Recession had lasting effects on European labour markets, both in terms of employment levels and structure. Not only did employment rates drop significantly – taking years to return to pre-crisis levels, with some countries not fully recovered yet – but the crisis also accelerated structural change and generalised a pattern of job polarisation across Europe.

Causes and effects of international labour mobility
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Mobility of Labour: Meaning, Importance and Factors Hampering It