Azerbaijan place of interest

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Things to Do in Baku, Azerbaijan - Baku Attractions

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Traditional drink of Azerbaijan

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Things to Do in Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan Attractions

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Azerbaijan’s finance minister talks interest of foreign investors in IBA shares [UPDATE]

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Things to Do in Baku, Azerbaijan - Baku Attractions

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Baku

But while it withstood the crisis, the situation showed a need for a diversified economy, market-based policies and better social services. It is the place where the most of Baku attractions are concentrated. It amazes with classical architectural style palaces, towers, mosques and other old buildings.

More. Gates of Murad is the landmark in the fortress of Icheri Sheher erected in the end of the 16th century. The architectural monument is situated in the eastern part of the complex and is the biggest gates of Icheri-Sheher.

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Popular points of interest around the property include Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theatre and Formula 1 Grand Prix Baku. They are very friendly and the room and the location is perfect. Show more Show less. Azerbaijan highlights.

Also given prominence are Turkish soldiers who fell in defense of Azerbaijan. This place is next to Flame Towers and there is a nice mosque, worth to visit, within park. the volcanoes are not under any serious threat. However, with their distinctive 'lunar' landscape, scientific interest, tourist and spa potential.

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Azerbaijan place of interest
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