An analysis of an air traffic strike situation

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Strike action

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American air-traffic controllers strike for benefits and pay, 1981

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This is the Web site for the Naval Air Systems Command. Air Traffic Controllers Case. Key Stakeholders: Air Traffic Controllers Their demands include better equipment to reduce the stress they face in the job.

Better employment hours. 1. Some of the employees and their families had to deal with unemployment 2. The ones that didn’t strike are left to handle an unmanageable load.

3. Some of. Spain's air traffic controllers have complained that the minimum service demanded by the government "violates" their fundamental right to strike. The Unión Sindical de Controladores Aéreos (USCA) complained that the demands by Spain’s Ministry of Public Works for a minimum service were "abusive.

The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization or PATCO was a United States trade union that operated from until its decertification in following an illegal strike that was broken by the Reagan Administration.

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An analysis of an air traffic strike situation
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